Double Jacket Mill Hose


Double jacket fire hose includes a second closely woven jacket outside for extra durability, safety factor, and high test pressure. This kind of hose is designed for hard condition and high-pressure requirement, it has very high abrasion resistance and extremely long service life and do not require drying after use.


Municipal fire brigades, oil and chemical industrial and agriculture area.


Double jacket construction made of High strength synthetic yarn or polyester silk. circular woven, inner jacket twill weave /outer jacket plain weave


Natural Rubber, EPDM, PU or PVC


Manufactured to ISO-9001:2000 GB6246 Quality system


15mt , 20mt, 25mt, 30mt as standard lengths

Working pressure:

13bar to 30bar


Usually assembled with Storz, BS, Italy, NPT and NST as well as the Machion coupling