Snow-making Hose

Snow-making Hose

-Continuous high working pressure, sufficient reserves for pressure peaks·Good visibility in snow,even in twilight
-Very resistant to abrasion, tough and durable·Outstanding resistance to ageing, UV and ozone●Very good flexibility at low temperatures
-Mildew and rotproof
-Temperature range from -58°Fto 158°F(-50°C to 70°℃)

Nominal Size
Working Pressure
Burst Pressure
1-1/2” 38 50/725 150/2175
1-3/4" 45 50/725 150/2175
2” 52 50/725 150/2175
2-1/2” 65 50/725 150/2175

-Covering sking slopes with man-made snow-Making commercial issue of ice
-Indoor cooling requirements

More Available
-Customized marking
-Binding with international couplings-Other diameters available
-Red, yellow, other colors on request·Length up to 10Oft/30m

Snowmaking Hose Layout

Snow-making Hose Structure